The mission of the Delaware cosmetic surgery specialists at the Seiff Center is to provide the opportunity to change or improve your appearance. Many of our patients say that the cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Seiff changed their lives in a positive and rewarding way.
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Words from The Seiff Center Clients

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Professionalism, skills, and tender care

I wish to highly commend and thank your medical team for their professionalism, skills, and tender care during my procedure. Their conscientiousness and acts of kindness, as well as keeping me informed, were so deeply appreciated and made an unpleasant situation more comforting and rewarding.

M.V., Dover, Delaware

I am so happy with the results

I was recently referred to Dr. Bryan Seiff for the removal of two very bothersome ‘tags’, one on an eyelid and one below my other eye. I admit I was a little reluctant, but after some encouragement, I decided to take your advice. And how happy I am that I did! The removal was done […]

Thank you for making me feel safe and calm

Thank you for making me feel safe and calm while sticking needles into my face! 🙂

Regards, Lisa

Excellent service and skilled hands

A great big thank you and your office staff for your excellent service and your skilled hands for the surgery on my brother’s eyelids and the removal of the tumor on the left eye. May the God I serve richly bless and prosper you and your staff.


Quality of care, kindness, and professionalism

I thank you for the quality of care, kindness, and professionalism. And my ‘ole’ face looks so very much better.


I wanted to thank you for saving my life

I wanted to thank you for saving my life. I have heard melanoma can kill you – by the time I turn 108, I might not be still thanking you, but I will always remember your incredible kindness.


State of the art solutions

My first visit was yesterday and I absolutely had the best experience with Dr. Seiff and his staff. Everyone is personable, knowledgeable, and provided me with quick, quality, state of the art solutions that I did not know were available in the Dover area. Thank you Dr. Seiff and staff!


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